Easy back pain relief exercises for you

The key to a healthy body is through regular body exercise, as it keeps the body fit. The same applies for back related problems; and easy back pain relief exercises can help a lot. Nevertheless, this needs the supervision of a health practitioner. Physiologists come in handy when back related problems have to be solved. Although body exercise is ardently required by the body for one to keep fit, everyone needs a doctor’s approval before proceeding on. This is because some exercises may not be fit for some patients, and could induce more pains or make the situation worse off. Here are some easy back pain relief exercises recommended to most patients today.spinal soreness

1.Lie straight on your back: This can be done both at home or at work for as long as you have the space to do so. Some back pains are caused due to straining of back muscles, or sciatica. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair for a long time can also be a major cause for pains on the back. To help relieve the pains, lie straight on the floor, and make sure the back rests comfortably on the floor, lie there for not less than 20 minutes. This will help relieve the tense muscles thus reduce pains.

2.Semi sit-ups: Some back pains may come to you as you sleep or relax on a bed. The pain may increase if you try to wake up. To help relieve the pains, semi sit-ups will help you. This is because some of these pains may have been caused by lumber disc protrusion. First, you need to place a pillow under your feet, and then try slowly to sit down, and then lie back again. Do this for a couple of minutes and you will not notice when the pain fades. This exercise is needed to regulate blood flow back to normal again.

3.Straighten back muscles: Other pains on the back may be caused by an arched back. To straighten the back, kneel down in a cat position, then try as much as you can to bend the back up and down for 5 minutes. This will help relieve any locked discs thus relieve you off some pain. This exercise should be undertaken 2 times in a day for faster results.

4.Relax all twitched back muscles: 75% of all reported cases of minor back pains are due to tensed out muscles. This is in relation to working positions and how we sit. When the muscles are tensed out, the cells inside cannot get rid of toxins and lactic acid starts taking over the cells, this causing pains. With enough supply of oxygen rich blood, these toxins are washed away and the cells rejuvenated again. To relax all the muscles in the body, try sitting down on a stool, then stretch your arms wide. In this position stretch the body by moving the upper body to a 60 to 90 degree. Slowly, repeat the processes for a few minutes then lie down to relax.

The reason why these are considered easy back pain relief exercises, one needs a straight direction by a physician before putting them into practice. You can also try some anti-inflammatory creams that will help you with back pain relief. Try heal n soothe for back pain relief. It is a topical anti-inflammatory cream that is claimed to work by many back injury sufferers.