Kids Reward and Chore Charts Help With Parenting

Parents usually use reward charts or a chore chart for the purpose of promoting good conduct. These charts, if used effectively, can perform incredibly well to overcome a lot of tough situations and challenges among kids from brushing teeth, toilet training, and not to mention other good habits. A helpful 3 step procedure is mentioned below to introduce these charts effectively. Although it may take several weeks but you are sure to see the desired outcome in the long run.

1st step:

The goal is to build a good ambience for the kids and to compliment them for their wonderful conduct. You can do this by contemplating any particular thing that your kid is capable of doing without being harassed, for instance, brushing his/her teeth. You can ensure your child that once he/she has cleaned the teeth, he/she can get a star in the daytime and also at night and by Sunday when all the stars are picked up he/she will be rewarded.

Allow the children to beautify it the chart and also write their names on it. Also, they must mention in the chart about what the prize will be. Prizes ought to be anything for instance enjoying a ride on their favorite bicycle, or an outing to the seaside.

2nd step:

After the first of the star charts for kids has been completed by the kids, the time has come to make the next chart little bit more challenging, for instance, fetching the cereal bowl from the kitchen or arranging their bed.

Once again prepare the chart and ensure to set the rewards in the similar way. Allow the kids to realize what they are targeting for.

As a responsible parent, you will find that the kids have got a lot of helpful learning experiences by the time the second week is over and on every occasion they received a star they understood that they had to work hard for achieving it. Keep on doing this for at least 15 days and get the desired effects.

3rd step:

Once two star charts are completed, it’s time to do something which is more challenging. In this way, when their fourth or fifth chart will be successfully finished, you will be amazed to realize that the kids are prepared fully to handle the most difficult activity.

Don’t forget that there must be only one activity for each star chart and also remember to reward the kids. Take your time to navigate every step meticulously and very soon your child will be able to manage that tough behavior that he/she could not perform before.