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Some Alternative Advice On Copper Roof Restoration For Melbourne Homes

Purchasing a house can be an exciting time, particularly if you are moving to a new country as well. However, having lived in an apartment for many years, I was not prepared for the responsibilities that came with having a new home. Living in a warm country for the majority of my life, I believed that the most difficult time I would have would be mold along the walls; but, I soon found myself facing problems with my home’s exterior including the gutters and the roof.

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The majority of buildings nowadays use copper roofing in order to provide a shine and impressive glint when the sun comes out. I did not expect a copper roof to be part of my home, and I definitely did not expect to experience the problems I had. I had a friend in Australia who offered advice on restoring a copper roof, but their advice was part of the ‘green’ movement and was roof restoration Melbourne-style. This is what she proposed:

1. Lemon Juice

To get rid of the mold, sludge and dirt that was rapidly accumulating on my copper roof, I should take lemon juice mixed with coarse sea salt and use it as a scrub mixture. It is very important that the salt is not table salt, but coarse as it will pull away any mold with its gritty texture. The mixture must be applied to one end of the roof and scrubbed with a hard bristle, but non-metallic, brush in an up-to-down motion. Once finished scrubbing, rinse with clean water and spray with clear lacquer.

2. Vinegar Paste

I was more inclined to try the lemon juice as a roof restoration Melbourne-style method; but the vinegar paste seemed intriguing.

To create vinegar paste you are required to mix salt, vinegar and sifted flour. This paste must be applied evenly across the roof and left to work its magic overnight; then in the after 24 hours the coat of vinegar is washed away with clean water and soap. Rub off any debris with a clean cloth and allow it to dry. Sell the roof with clear lacquer. VERY IMPORTANT: make sure it isn’t going to rain on the night you try to do this!

3. Tomato sauce paste

This was the most amusing option. Once again you must be sure it does not rain as this paste must be left for 24 hours to work as well.

Apply tomato sauce evenly across the roof and allow the paste to ‘harden’ overnight. The stickiness will draw in all the dirt and mold, and in the morning you will wash away both the hardened paste with the dirt. Rinse the roof with warm soapy water, then wash it with clean water. Dry the roof with a clean towel and coat it with clear lacquer.

Okay, so I’m not too sure about using one of my friend’s ‘green’ options; but it may be better than using a chemical-based synthetic detergent. Plus, I’ll be using my culture and undergoing roof restoration in Melbourne.